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Member Benefits

Why join our Social Club?

There are so many good reasons, but here are just a few to help convince you of all the amazing positive benefits of joining our social club...


Make new friends, for yourself and your kid(s)!
    • We keep an active calendar of social events that are both kid-friendly and mom-only, so there are lots of opportunities to meet other members and cultivate relationships
Enjoy new, enriching experiences at times working moms can be available to participate
    • We host a variety of events at times when working parents can be available to join - weekends and evenings.  These events are hosted in both in members' private homes as well as at locations around the community, so there is always something new to try (or someone new to meet!)
Learn from other moms in your community, without judgment
    • Ask all your real-life questions to other real-life moms and get real-life answers.  This is a community of women with earned knowledge of motherhood offering positive encouragement and reassurance to other moms.  Something we can all benefit from a lot more of! 
Get socialization for your children, in both age-based and mixed-age playgroups
    • Social interaction helps young children to start to develop their sense of self, and also start to learn what others expect from them.   By playing with other children, they start learn skills that stick with them their whole life including sharing, setting boundaries, problem-solving, and having empathy for others
Cultivate your network of mom support
    • Looking for a trusted babysitter?  Need someone to watch your kid(s) for a few hours while you run an errand?  Ask your support network!  We also support the new moms in our group by volunteering to provide meals after the birth of a new child or going back to work after maternity leave

Get cheap therapy!

    • Talking (and venting) about #workingmomlife with like-minded women and laughing (or crying) along the way can be very therapeutic for the soul, especially as new moms


Learn more about the Types of Events we host or sign-up for a Free 30-day Trial to see all the events currently posted on our Club calendar

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